Will Dunlap Must DIE Men's Tee

Do you hate Will Dunlap? Fuck yeah you do! That's why we made this special 30th Anniversary T-shirt of the day he was cast from the pit of Hell to walk among the damned on Earth! What? A funny t-shirt isn't enough? Fuck it! WE GOT COLORS!!!! LOTS OF COLORS!!! And we're selling em wicked cheap for $10 fun bucks ($2 more for you big boys cause they cost me more)! They're super soft, so that you don't chafe when you're chasing Will Dunlap around with a chainsaw! You get his blood on you though, that's on you.

Choose Pickup at Michigan Shirt Works to pick yours up at my shop, or I'll bring em with me to Eagle Monk if you want me to bring yours to his Birthday Blow-Your-Brains-Out Bash, or if you aren't in Lansing, and had to move away just to get away from him, choose Ship That Mother and I'll mail it to you!

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$10.00 USD