Get Your Custom Shirt Order Started!


How do I get started?

Follow these helpful steps to make your order more smooth and convenient!

Step 1.) Decide how many shirts you are looking to order.

We don’t need an exact amount to give you a quote, just a range, like 10-20, or 250-300. Remember, you can mix your order between short sleeve shirts and sweatshirts, v-necks, and longsleeve shirts. Just let us know in advance.

Step 2.) Decide what you would like on the shirt.

Do you want printing on just the front, or on the back as well? Need a sleeve print, or a special placement print? We can do that too. Remember, the more colors in your design, the more expensive the print due to the setup time. To keep your per shirt price down, try keeping the number of different colors to a minimum.

Step 3.) Decide on the Artwork you want on your shirt.

No art? No Problem! If you’re just putting text on a t-shirt, let us know what it should say, and what kind of font you would like. If you’d like us to design your shirt designs, we and have graphic designers in house who can handle complicated requests.

If you are doing your art in house, then make sure that you create a high resolution image, 300 dpi or higher. We prefer high resolution image files like a .jpg, or a vector file in Adobe Illustrator like a .ai or .eps file. For multi color designs, we prefer a multi layer Adobe Photoshop file .psd. If using Adobe creative suite, please save your file so that it can be read by CS3. Any work that we have to do to make your art print ready is subject to an hourly art charge, so feel free to call or email us for helpful advice to make sure you don't incur any additional art charges.

Step 4.) Get all your sizes together.

If you don’t have all your sizes yet, you can still contact us for a quote, just give us an approximate range of the number of shirts you need. 

Step 5.) Put at least Half Down and place your order!

We make ordering easy, by providing in store ordering at our East Lansing location, and you can also order from the convenience of your home or office by emailing us or paying over the phone with a credit/debit card. 

Step 6.) We print your shirts, usually within 5-7 business days.

For extremely large orders, contact us early, especially during the busy seasons, so that we can block off shop time to ensure your job is done on time. For rush orders, call or email us ASAP to coordinate a job done in under 5 days. We've built our reputation on doing the rush jobs other shops won't or can't do, but make it easier on us and cheaper on your budget by giving us as much lead time and information as possible, as rush jobs can incur a rush fee.

Step 7.) Come pick up your shirts, or take advantage of our Free Delivery within the Greater Lansing Area!

You will need to remit the remaining half of payment at time of delivery (if applicable), and we'll drive your order out to you if you so desire. We understand that you're busy, which is why we are the area's only service that provides free delivery for your custom shirt order. 

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 517-325-3481, or email us at to get your order started!