Craig's Magical Tragical Mystery Tour

Everyone's friend and favorite bartender, Craig Doepker, is going on a surgical leave of absence this April to correct a painful hernia. To his surprise, his hernia is actually TWO hernias that will require more than the 2 weeks of recovery time that was planned. Due to doctor's orders, Craig cannot serve all of his Mac's Bar Children the beers and company they so desperately crave, and won't be earning that cold hard cash needed to help pay the bills of a faithfull partner and father. So we at Lansing's Last Call (Click Here) and Michigan Shirt Works, in collusion with other friends and co-workers of Craig are throwing this fundraiser to help Craig pay the bills so that he can stay off his feet and get better quicker! We set up this Go Fund Me Campaign (Click Here) to help him, and all of the funds go directly to Craig, in case you didn't care about buying a shirt for his Magical Tragical Mystery Tour, and just wanted to help him out. So for every last call he's helped you out with, every shot, every beer he's bought you, just take a minute to help Craig by donating to his Go Fund Me (Click Here) or donate by buying a sweet Craig T-shirt. Every $1 dollar, $5 dollar, and $10 dollar donation or shirt purchase helps! Thank you for your generosity, and for helping the guy who helps all of us, Craig Doepker.