We traveled to Boston so that we could go to the MIT Museum's Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction! We had a great time at the MIT FAT, selling custom T-shirts to raise money for the MIT Museum's Programming for next year! Check out these photos of the event, and remember, when you need custom printed t-shirts for your event, shoot us an email, and we'll come up with a event merchandise plan tailored for you!

Future MIT Engineer?

Another Team Bringing in their device!

Over by the entrance at our T-shirt booth! Pretty frosty near the entrance, so thank you to the wonderful woman who gave me a free cup of coffee from Toscanini's Ice Cream in Cambridge ;)

Thanks to all of the great volunteers who made the MIT Museum FAT a great event!

All the teams getting their devices ready for the chain reaction!

We had a great time, and helped raise money for a great cause! If you're looking to make a splash at your next event, consider using t-shirts for fundraising, and when you do, give us a call!

Holy Moley! We've been so busy printing shirts, that we've been letting the blog get left unwritten!

No worries though, we've been doing some really cool stuff to make it easier to connect with us and make your screen printing experience that much easier. For example....

Our Lansing Location is open and ready for business for your convenience! Our print shop has expanded on our Michigan Ave location to include our design studio and conference center! So now you have 2 locations to choose from when you want to visit us, our Print Shop Center in Lansing at Michigan Ave, and our Downtown East Lansing location.

You can find us busy printing away at:

Michigan Shirt Works

1824 E Michigan Ave

Lansing, MI 48912

We're in the same building as Capital City Homebrew Supply, conveniently one block west of The Green Door and Speedway at the intersection of Michigan Ave and Regent St.

In the Meanwhile, check out these sweet shirts we just did for Borrowed Time, one of Lansing's Metal Monsters!

You can find out about them and their upcoming shows at

Check out these snazzy 6 color shirts we did for the MSU TUA International Student Summit 2012. 

The summit was put on by the Institute of International Agriculture at MSU! You can find out more about them and their mission at

This is Matt.

Matt knows that the cure for a crappy day is a cool t-shirt!

Good job Matt, and keep warding off evil!

You can fight evildoers too! Order this snazzy tee in Our Catalog today!


Aug 25 2012

Backpatches? Heck Yes we print Backpatches!

Just ask our awesome neighbors downstairs at Action Board Sports, the Kings of Longboards in Lansing!

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