Our friend Casey Richardson was badly burned in a fire on November 19, 2013. He is now at the burn center at U of M receiving treatment. He has burns over 70% of his body. This is going to be a long recovery for him. So, we are raising money to help him and his family in this dire time of need. We are having a benefit for Casey on December 15, 2013 at Buddies Grill in Holt, Michigan from 12-5pm.


Michigan Shirt Works is printing shirts with the proceeds to benefit Casey and his family while they work though this difficult recovery. Please consider purchasing a t-shirt and if possible, join us at the benefit at Buddies Grill in Holt. You can purchase a t-shirt by clicking here, and thank you for your generosity.


If you know someone in need, and are looking for a way to fund-raise for the benefit of others, please contact us to see what we can do to help with custom printed charity t-shirts.

We traveled to Boston so that we could go to the MIT Museum's Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction! We had a great time at the MIT FAT, selling custom T-shirts to raise money for the MIT Museum's Programming for next year! Check out these photos of the event, and remember, when you need custom printed t-shirts for your event, shoot us an email, and we'll come up with a event merchandise plan tailored for you!

Future MIT Engineer?

Another Team Bringing in their device!

Over by the entrance at our T-shirt booth! Pretty frosty near the entrance, so thank you to the wonderful woman who gave me a free cup of coffee from Toscanini's Ice Cream in Cambridge ;)

Thanks to all of the great volunteers who made the MIT Museum FAT a great event!

All the teams getting their devices ready for the chain reaction!

We had a great time, and helped raise money for a great cause! If you're looking to make a splash at your next event, consider using t-shirts for fundraising, and when you do, give us a call!


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