It's that time again! Every December, with the semester coming to a close, some of us are thinking about a Winter Graduation, while others are thinking about finals and their Christmas Break. But Most of all, it's about going on that last bar crawl of the year!


It's a special Bar Crawl, where everyone is tanking up, so they can brave against the cold in the mad dash between bars, because who want's to wear a coat over their Bar Crawl T-shirt!?!? Bah-Humbug to that!


When you're ready to plan that bar crawl, even if it's a last minute ordeal, call Michigan Shirt Works up, and we'll print those bad boys faster than you can order a Long-Island! And if it's a cold night, why not go for the 3/4 length baseball tees to mix the bar crawl up? Like these ones that we're doing for the Apparel & Textile Design program Bar Crawl?

Notice the proofs? These are the quality of the  standard proofs that every one of our clients get, to make sure that the size, placement, spelling, and image of every custom t-shirt you order is correct!


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